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nightrunning 14 November 2014


(Nightrunning happened from 6pm on Friday 14th November 2014, Hackney Marshes, East London with twenty participants – led by myself and James Cross. It was inspired by Gardzienice’s actor-training practice which focuses on communal breath and rhythmic practice.) Inspired by the night, I wrote the following poem the next day as if the earth misted it up into reality.

Above sodden earth, misty breaths rose up from the marsh.
And twenty souls armed with with each other, ran.

Puddle and crack.

Huh, Huh, Huh,
hu, hu, 
Huh, Huh, Huh
… & so on.

is a charmer.
In a circle, in a dream, blindly led by bone, we swayed weight, took turns, swivvelled down,
and up
and some back
and some forward
and some siding, some siding. 

I swear I saw eighteen devils writhing then.

And then again, we ran. Snaking our way away from those mushy edges, to where the East beats.

And we sang:

Happy Birthday to Antonio.

A little brittle at first it was, 
but soon it rang sweet, sweet 
and crystal,

like a bear.

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