Matthias Sperling, Group Study, Brunel University

Matthias Sperling working with Guido Orgs (Cognitive Scientist) at Brunel University, May 2015

Matthias invited myself and nine other dance artists to take part in an experiment. Part of an ongoing research project hosted by Guido Orgs and Staci Vicary (Brunel University).

The project involved performers with dance backgrounds learning and performing a task-based group score. Set in the context of an 18-month scientific research project – the overall subject of the science research is synchronous movement of groups: this particular part of the research investigates the effects on audiences of observing performers moving together synchronously and asynchronously.

This stage involved a series of decision-making tasks that alternated between different forms of synchrony and asynchrony in group co-ordination. The performances of the score were both artistic events and scientific experiments, in which measurements were made via wristwatch-like sensors worn by both performers and audience members, that recorded a range of things including movement in space, heart rate, skin conductance, etc.

The dance artists were: Ben Ash, Andrea Buckley,Antonio de la Fe, Kip Johnson, Michael Kitchin, Evangelia Kolyra, Annie Lok, Robert Vesty, Rosalie Wahlfrid, and Sara Wookey

Further events will occur over the next 12 months. There will be a panel discussion at Siobhan Davies Studios, London on Friday 25 September, 2015

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