Topic: How can we continue doing this work amongst us?

Topic Champion: Sophie / Antonio

Those who will assist: Sophie, Antonio, Lavinia, Inari, Manou, Kate, Lennart, Laura, Sarah Jane, Scott

Notes from the conversation:

“This work needs to be worked.” (Sophie Astrall)

“That you have taken the workshop doesn’t mean you have done/got the work.” (Antonio de la Fe, Note from workshop’s notebook)

Ideally weekly sessions, realistically monthly sessions – how it could that be done very practically?

Severla hubs where these sessions may happen? London, Leeds (?), Hustings (?), etc.

Who’s interested?!

Apart from this studio practice, this kind of work would benefit form regular and consistent performance (with or without an audience) practice.

How do we set up that? Which spaces that already exist we could use? outdoors, indoors?

How to make it a shared responsibility?

Tools, technologies, etc. that may help us to organise this sharing of responsibility?


property guardian – for training/rehearsal

Fixing a date (agreement that can be re-arrange in the future)

Chisenhale – Antonio

Goldsmith Laura

Other people we may know?

Spaces that aren’t used? – Laura’s proposition of meeting weekly to do instant composition outdoors (to start with during the summer).

Next Steps:

Contact everyone in the workshop to ask who is interested/available locally.

Can we start a conversation – an online space to share.

Prerequisite – you may have had to study with Julyen & Billie… or should it be with Julyen or Billie? How flexible could we be about this… how fluid the converstation.

Subject for the group of people meeting —Space & Words – Poetry—

Who has access to space?

Antonio – Chisenhale

Laura – Goldsmith )for the time beeing(

Time – once a month? Fix a date )Sunday?(

Start a pilot (running for 6 months or four sessions, for example).

Practicing The Seeing, not just the doing.

Laura Burns proposed: meeting once a week // an instant composition happening somewhere outdoors, many spaces available. In the canal towards Homerton. Bromley-by-Bow (theatre spaces outdoor). Olympic Park (theatre space outdoor).

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