Topic Title: How do I get beyond my resistance and perform more regularly?
Answer: Attend Billie Hanne’s session: What piece do you want to make next?
Name of Person who called the session: Kate Hilder

List of Participants: Inari, Paul, Lavinia, Delphine (later)

Discussions / Recommendations / Next Steps:

My question relates to the fact that I perform on average 2 or 3 times a year.  Even though I usually enjoy, feel nourished and excited by the experience, by the time I get back on the performing horse my fear of exposing myself builds up and I am reluctant to take the steps necessary to make another piece.  This is particularly the case with performing solo.

Inari told a beautiful story about the small town in Finland where she is from.  A couple of young artists returned to their hometown and were bored as there wasn’t much to do.  They set up a drawing club where a few people would meet with sketch book and pencils.  In time, this grew into a permanent gallery, street art, substantial funding and recognition.  All this grew organically out of their love for drawing and their desire to make art for the sake of it without focus on the outcome.

I realised in the discussion that because I don’t currently have a regular performance practise ie going in the studio weekly and moving and speaking, of course I’m resistant to performing as it feels too far away.

Inari talked about creating a sense of safety by making up our own rules when setting up practise and performance in a way that feels right for us.  eg inviting one person to come and watch.  I realise that everything I need is right here – a local room to practise in, a friend to dance with, a venue to perform in and an audience.

In the afternoon I flitted between different sessions and ended up with Billie Hanne who asked me “What piece do I want to make next?”  I was reluctant to commit but she gently drew the specifics from me: costume, atmosphere, title, props, date and location: Hastings where I live.  Rob Vesty arrived and said he’d like to join me for a double bill.  Billie gathered from him the particulars of his piece.  So there it is, it was Billie’s clarity, intention and listening that answered my question and Rob’s enthusiasm to collaborate.  Get a date in the diary and commit.

(Its 20th November by the way)

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